Tax Deeds at Your Fingertips

Tax Deeds at your Fingertips

Immerse yourself in what you need to know to start making money buying Tax Deeds, Liens and the Tax Surplus Sale (overages). Follow along at your own pace, then when you are ready join Sandra online for a 2 live sessions.

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Sandra Edmond is known as the Queen of Tax Deeds. She has been buying at the Tax Deed & Lien auctions since 2004. Her first Florida Tax Deed cost $12,000. She soon sold the property for $49,000 a couple of months later.

Sandra is a full time Real Estate Investor. Her experience in the area of tax delinquent properties landed her on a front page article in the Orlando Business Journal and Seminole Woman Magazine. She has made guest appearances on live radio shows on the topic. Sandra is the Past President of the Central Florida Realty Investors Association in 2013 & 2014, one of the largest real estate investor associations in the country. Prior to real estate investing, Sandra was a television news reporter and fill-in Anchor.