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$10,000 Tax Deed House

I was so inspired to hear the excitement over the phone as one of my Tax Deed students told me about her first Tax Deed purchase. She purchased the home yesterday for $10,000. Here is a link to some pictures of this 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house. It’s a block home in Central Florida.

More Pictures, click here: Student Deal


My student told me the only reason she was able to get the deal was because the clerk went through the bids for the sale very quickly. Instead of doing the usual, ‘going once, going twice, sold.’ The clerk said, ‘any more bids, sold’ and that was it. My student said someone tried to protest because they didn’t get there bid in, but the clerk said she is not required to do the whole, ‘going once, going twice, sold.’ Great job on that deal. $10,000 on a block house! Look at the pictures and you will see it is ready for a tenant. The kitchen cabinets are new.

Later I will tell you about another deal, a partner and I just got for $21,000. That is also a block house. That house is occupied. Stay tuned for more.