Student buys house for $10,000

Here is just one of many success stories. This is one of my students came to my tax deed class and attended the tax deed field trip. Soon after that she started using her 6 months of free consultation that comes with the course. She found and purchased the home for $10,000. It’s a 2 bed / 1 ba Block house in Central Florida. I bet these are not pictures you expected to see.



Christa In Her Own Words: “What I got most out of Sandra’s course is that I learned in much more detail about how to do my due diligence on a property. I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. This is valuable information whether you are purchasing a tax deed or any other property. My biggest fear in working with tax deeds was the unknown: I was always afraid I missed something before I made it to the auction because I don’t get an inspection period after I bid. It was great to be able to contact Sandra so I could run through my research with her before the big day. This helped me go to the auction with confidence and I ended up walking out with a great deal!”


Christa plans to list it for sale at $39k, she’s looking to net $30k after commissions, 2008 taxes, and the utility lien ($800). If it doesn’t sell, she’ll owner finance it. She expects to profit around $15k which is not bad for a $10k investment. It’s TAX FREE because she bought it in her Self-Directed IRA. It’s also a 150% ROI (Return on Investment) if she sells within a year!!! That’s works for her, will that work for you? Read more about her deal on the QOTD Blog.