South Florida Agents

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$500 House Strategy

Jump Aboard Our Executive Coach for the Broward County Tax Deed Auction

After attending this 2-day class:

  • Your clients will be impressed at how well you know the tax deed auction due diligence procedures
  • Learn how to do the title searches on tax deeds and research to be successful in tax deeds & liens
  • Field Trip is limited to 12 people only

Don’t just listen to me, hear what others have said:

6 days after the field trip I purchased a mobile home in the Broward County auction for $31,000. It is in a beautiful gated community and it’s market value is around $98,000! Sandra’s guidance gave me the courage to step up and take action. I am so happy that I participated in her class and I would recommend this to any new or experienced investor looking to gain deeper understanding of this field. Thank you Sandra for giving, sharing and being so patient and helpful. -Omer

Two of my students from Miami won the bid on a condo in Orlando during a recent Field Trip. They sold it within 2 weeks for a NICE profit! Another student bought something 6 days after learning from me.