QOTD 002: New Tax Lien Certificate Investor Walks Us Through Her 18% Return Results

Session 002 Show Notes: 

New Tax Lien Certificate Investor Walks Us Through Her 18% Return Results 

In this Session we hear a new tax lien certificate investor, Jane, discusses her experience buying at two tax lien sales in a row.  She shares the strategies she used for both purchases.  How to buy certificates at the highest interest rates. 

A couple of valuable tips Jane wanted to share were to:

1. Take Action

2. Be Persistent. 

Jane documented details about the certificates in this spreadsheet that you can access and view while you are listening to the podcast.

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Resources mentioned:

Links to County Tax Offices throughout Florida and the U.S. – This is the ‘County Links’ page on QueenOfTaxDeeds.com aka BuyingTaxDeeds.com.  The nationwide link is toward the bottom of the page in the list on the lower part of the page.

Link to Jane’s Spreadsheet – This is the spreadsheet we mentioned in the podcast.  It lists the tax lien certificates Jane bought, their rates of return at the time of purchase, amount she purchased each of them, when they were paid off and details about some of the properties with these tax certificates.


In this particular episode you will learn:

  • What are Tax Lien Certificates
  • How Tax Lien Certificates are created
  • Where to buy Tax Lien Certificates
  • When to buy certificates for the best returns
  • What are some criteria to set when buying them
  • Specific spreadsheet documenting returns mentioned


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