Real Estate Acquisitions Internship

Intern Coordinator: Sandra Edmond (UCF Alumna)


Are you…

  • Interested in learning about an exciting niche in real estate that puts you in the real world and at the courthouse steps bidding at real estate Tax Deed auctions?
    • (If a property owner doesn’t pay their property taxes, the government can put a Tax Lien on the property.  Investors can buy the tax liens for a lucrative interest rate but they do not get ownership of the property.  Tax Deeds are properties purchased at auctions after the property owners have not paid off their tax liens. A Tax Deed gives an investor ownership of the property.)  
  • Computer savvy, willing to learn and try new things?
  • Familiar with ‘cloud’ computing or willing to learn how it’s done efficiently
  • A fast learner?
  • Detail and Task Oriented?
  • Do you like to do quality work and do it right the first time.
  • Finish what you start?

If this sounds like you, read on we have a truly unique opportunity for you…

Company Overview:

     ARDNAS, Inc was founded by Sandra Edmond in 2004.  She is a full time Investor who specializes in buying property at tax deed auctions.  Ms. Edmond has been in a front page article in the Orlando Business Journal due to her experience in the area of tax delinquent properties. She was also in a front page article of the Seminole Woman magazine and a guest on radio talk shows.   Edmond is known primarily for buying and selling land as well as homes.  Since 2004, Ardnas has bought and sold properties in almost half of the state of Florida.

     One of the most unique selling strategies Ardnas, Inc. uses has been through eBay. In 2006, where Ardnas became an “eBay Power Seller” — one of the highest levels of selling — as a result of the real estate she has sold through eBay.  Ardnas also has three Web sites for Real Estate:,, .  Ardnas’ expertise is buying homes at auctions for delinquent taxes. The company attends more than a dozen auctions each month throughout the state of Florida.   Since Ms. Edmond is an expert in this field, she also teaches classes to hundreds of people each year how to buy tax deeds and tax liens. Her first class broke a night time attendance record of 103 attendees.  Edmond also conducts a two-day boot camp and takes investors to a live sale, demonstrating how to do the research at the courthouse and on the computer. Edmond has also authored a two-book manual that takes readers through an in-depth look at buying tax deeds and tax liens. Ardnas publishes a monthly newsletter called the Queen of Tax Deeds & Liens Newsletter.

     Prior to Real Estate, Sandra Edmond was a Television News Reporter and Fill in Anchor.   She graduated from UCF and has been a Board Member of the Central Florida Realty Investors Association in 2008-2010 & 2012 and CFRI Seminole Co Chapter Co-Leader and President of CFRI in 2013 & 2014.


  • Marketing and Social Media Experience marketing is a PLUS
  • Trainee has committed to devote 14 hours minimum per week for 18 weeks (or which ever number of weeks your school offers) doing research, marketing, property evaluation, lead evaluation and helping in Ardnas, Inc other residential real estate activities.
  • Encouraged but not necessary to have passed Real Estate Law and Fundamentals of Real Estate  or equivalent with a “C” or better.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2
  • Must provide weekly performance logs of your real estate assigned activities as well as summary of the methods used.  
  • Trainee will attend bi-weekly Team meetings, perform menial tasks when required,  have a Positive Attitude and be willing to fully commit.
  • Must attend 1 Tax Deed auctions a month with Intern Coordinator.


Internship Description:

  • Intern will learn how to become a successful entrepreneur in residential real estate
  • Intern will learn how to analyze properties for purchase but not limited to ‘For Sale By Owner’ and Tax Deeds & Liens Auctions
  • Intern will learn the fundamentals of tax deeds and liens from acquisition to re-sale
  • Intern will learn techniques for buying real estate at a discount (at the auction and non-auction properties)



  • Upon successful completion: Free Attendance to a 2-day Tax Deeds & Liens Field Trip that takes investors to a live sale, demonstrating how to do the research at the courthouse and on the computer
  • Free two-book manual that takes students through an in-depth look at researching, buying, selling tax deeds and tax liens.
  • Ardnas, Inc will pay the application and test fee for the intern to take the real estate state exam
  • Intern will have been exposed to the proper manner to do due diligence on residential real estate


If you would like to apply please send us a message.