Finding Tax Deeds & Liens

Government Tax Foreclosure Makes a Beginning Investor a Big Profit

Florida is one of the best states in the U.S. to buy at the foreclosure tax sale. You can buy real estate at these tax foreclosure sales for the back taxes. Homes, land, and commercial properties are auctioned off to the highest bidders.  Read about the Sandra Edmond and how she got started and made close to $40,000 on her first deal.

Foreclosure Tax Sale Opportunities are Increasing

Now Sandra is showing people how to make money at the foreclosure tax sale even in a market like we are in now. The tough economic climate is unfortunately forcing more and more homes to go delinquent on their taxes. After a certain period of time those taxes have to be paid off. If they are not paid off then the home, land, or commercial building can be auctioned off to pay those taxes off. If a property does not sell at the Tax Deed auction then it may be placed on what Florida calls the “Lands Available for Taxes” list. Properties on the list are sold for the back taxes and fees. Properties on that list may include houses, land, commercial and Industrial properties.

Tax Deed Investing

Tax Lien Certificate investing and Tax Deed investing actually does the property owner and the government a favor. When you invest in Tax Lien Certificates you are loaning the government the money it needs to function. While your investment in the Tax Lien Certificate is earning you a large return on your investment, it is also buying the property owner more time to pay their taxes before the property can go to the foreclosure tax sale. In Florida this foreclosure tax sale is know as the Tax Deed Sale or Tax Deed Auction.

County governments across the U.S. hold the Tax Deed sales at various times throughout the year. Some counties hold their tax sales weekly or monthly. Others may hold the Tax Deed Auction quarterly or annually.

How the sale is advertised can mean the difference between you paying too much for the property and getting a great deal on the property.


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