Students 2 Day Field Trip Bonus

Hi Class,

Thanks for a wonderful and productive 2 day field trip on Tax Deeds and Tax Liens.  As a bonus I have uploaded some really cool and free stuff I think you guys can really use to make your investing easier.  Don’t try to use them all at once.  Download or sign up for the various tools and use them slowly over time, one at a time.  You will find learning is easier one building block at a time then all at once.

Bookmark this page in your Favorites so that you can access it easily in the future.  There is not a link to it on the home page nor anywhere else on the website.  This is a private page for you as a student.

Queen Of Tax Deeds channel on youtube

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Videos you will want to see about tax lien certificates


Explanations in Plain English:

Social Networking:

Social Networking 2

Camtasia Tutorials: ( stand by for email)


Tax Deed **********County Links: (the same one I used in class)


********Tax Lien eBook:

Gmail videos:

Free Gmail:

Free Google Calendar-


So now you can download tax deed sale dates from the calendar:


oDeskLearning Center:


Free Skype:

Make calls and video teleconferences to and from anywhere in the world fro free from your computer. This is fast becoming a business ‘must have’ tool for business communications globally.