3 Day Boot Camp (NEW PROGRAM)

How to Seriously Make Money in Real Estate:

In 3 Days Learn Wholesaling, Cold Calling, Door Knocking; Setting Up & Managing Your Company

     This event is meant to give attendees a 360 degree look into buying tax delinquent properties and distressed properties.  This hands-on experience will have you learning creative ways to find deals, making cold calls to sellers, knocking on doors, using online tools to scrape targeted leads, creating and structuring offers on properties and a whole lot more.  We do not go to a tax deed auction on this 3 day bootcamp.  It’s meant to be a hands-on experience in finding distressed properties, communicating with sellers, making offers and wholesaling.   Click for More Details.

**2 Day Tax Deed & Lien Field Trip

     Spend 2 days getting a comprehensive look at how to make money before, during and after the tax deed and lien auction.  Jump aboard an Executive Coach Bus; *Experience a live auction on the second day. Once you take this program you can repeat it anytime you want for almost free. This event is held once per quarter and seats are limited to 16 people.” The Home Study course is free with this Field Trip. Click for More Details.

Online Classes & Courses  (NEW)

     Interested in picking up some income generating techniques without leaving home or your office.  We have developed online tax deed classes and webinar type of programs that make learning at a distance a breeze.  For many years these programs were restricted access until now.  The programs are available for purchase and viewing online.  Click for More Details. (under construction)

Home Study Course

     Two binders packed with a wealth of information on how to be successful in the tax deed & lien market.  It includes more than 7 hours of audio recordings along with a usb drive jam packed with forms, worksheets and valuable data.  Click for More Details.

**Coaching & Apprentice

     Six month program covering tax deeds, liens and wholesaling.  Join these exclusive one-on-one Coaching sessions for expert advice, real world training, support while learning real deal, real world, money producing strategies.  Limited to 5 people.   Click here for More Details.

**Tax Deeds Master Class Program

     An expanded training program which includes the 2 Day Field Trip and several weeks of ongoing training.  This program is designed to give students a through understanding of the entire process.  Students will work with Sandra Edmond, the Queen of Tax Deeds, each week over video conference.  Not only will you have Sandra to help you do your deals but you will have access to her for consultations on tax deed, lien, overage (surplus) and wholesale deals that you are working on.  There is a 7 day money back guarantee with the Master Class.  This program is designed to work alongside student investors as they purchase  properties using the strategies and concepts in the program. The program is by invitation only.  Contact our office if you are interested in being considered for an invitation at (407) 279-1241

Private Phone Consultation

     This private phone consultation with Sandra Edmond, the Queen of Tax Deeds, is designed for investors of all experience levels. Click here for More Details.

College Real Estate Acquisitions Internship

For College students only.  Click here for More Details.

*Live auctions are limited to areas that have live tax deed auction. When a live auction is not possible the day will be substituted with driving to see one or more properties that are either coming up in the auction or otherwise distressed. “Repeats” are on a first come first serve basis with limited seats.

**7 Day Money Back Guarantee