Earn 18% Interest

 The government is paying us 18% interest, how’s your portfolio doing?

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  • Tax lien certificate represents a debt secured by real estate
  • Earn up to 18% interest annually in some states
  • Senior to most liens
  • One of the safest high earning investments
  • Guaranteed by the government


The wealthy have been investing in tax lien certificates for centuries.  Investment firms and financial institutions like banks are some of the largest purchasers of tax lien certificates.  Not only are tax liens one of the oldest forms of investments but  depending on where it is purchased tax liens can be the most lucrative and safest investments you can make. 

Your Chance to Buy 18% Tax Certificates That Most Don’t Know About 

Most investors who know how to buy tax lien certificates but them at the auctions for about 8-12%.  They are not aware of what we are telling you now… There are some great tax lien certificates now available for 18% per year in Florida.  That is the highest interest rate you can buy Tax Lien Certificates at in the state.  This is your chance to buy what most investors don’t know how to get their hands on… the 18% list with no competition.  Why would you add Tax Lien Certificates to your investment portfolio?

Let’s do the math: If you bought a tax lien certificate for $300 at 18%, you would make about $162 in profit… that’s more than a 50% return on your investment. What if you had more money to spend and bought $2,000 worth of tax lien certificates earning 18%, you would make about $1,080 in those 3 years. How much is your savings account or money market account earning you?  Maybe a third of that if you are lucky.

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Unbelieveably High ROI[/headline_arial_small_centered] [order_box_3 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]$300 Investment @ 18% interest
+ $162 in interest after 3 years
= 54% ROI (return on investment)

Sounds too good to be true?

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Download this Special Report Now

Filled with secrets the high net worth individuals

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Tens of Thousands of Opportunities to make 18% – Limited Time Offer

We’ve recently combed through the tax records and put together several list of thousands and thousands of tax lien certificates earning 18% per year.  These tax lien certificates are in one of the best states to invest in tax liens, Florida.  Our list contain properties that have already gone to the tax lien certificate and were not purchased.  This has been a trend in the last couple of years due to the fact that more and more homeowners are falling behind on their property taxes.   That coupled with the fact that fewer investors are buying tax lien certificates have created a surplus of tax lien certificates that can yield you a lucrative profit.

Now that you have learned about the opprotunities to earn 18% interest on an annual basis, you will need to purchase one of the lists below for only $49.99.  Your list will come in an excel spreadsheet with hundreds of properties, even thousands earning 18% interest.  The list are generated each time an order is placed so you can be sure your list will be the most recent, up to date, high yeilding opportunities available. 

If you are really serious about increasing your net worth and making the most you can on your investment then you can should purchase the Complete set of 5 Lists for only $199.99. 

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  • North Florida List
  • Central Florida List
  • West Florida List
  • Treasure Coast List
  • South Florida List


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If you need help picking out the tax lien certificate which is right for you, we will be happy to act as your consultant for a small fee.  When we help match you up with a tax lien certificate we make a diligent search for any outstanding liens.  You can be assured you will find a tax lien certificate that will yield one of the highest rates of return.

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