Driving for Dollars

This is a term you have heard many real estate investors use.  If you are not familiar with it, it essentially means driving down streets looking for possible motivated sellers.  If you drive for dollars enough times the houses will eventually leap out at you as you get better and better at it.  When I am looking at houses coming up in an auction, I can’t help but past many many houses on the way.  So it’s best to jot down those addresses and save them on your driving for dollars list.  I would recommend driving 30-60 minutes at a time once or twice a week.  These can sometimes be the lead generation tool for finding motivated sellers.

Watch these videos and see what we do to get to the ‘dollars’ part:

Driving for Dollars Video 1 of 1

Driving for Dollars Video 2 of 4

Driving for Dollars Video 3 of 4

Driving for Dollars Video 4 of 4

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