Free Computer Lessons or Almost Free

Your local library can be your best asset for building up your skills.  If you have a library card many of the classes are free if not you pay a small fee.  Many of the classes are offered online so you do not have to go anywhere.  Some libraries have reciprocal agreements which allow you to use their library if you have a library card from another library.  My library, orange county library system, even allows you to get a library card even if you do not live in the county.

Below are a list of classes that I found on my library’s website.  These classes show you how to do a variety of things related to real estate (I marked with ***) and some of the other classes bring your internet and computer skills to those who are lacking in that area.

Check out the library’s complete list of classes… the main branch has 800+ classes

or get info about getting your own library card.

  • Basic Computer Maintenance & Security
  • Computer Basics Level 1 & 2
  • Internet Level 1, 2 : Fundamentals
  • ***Microsoft Word (Nov 5 downtown)
  • ***Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1-3
  • ***Microsoft Excel 2016: Formulas and Functions
  • ***Microsoft Excel 2016: Data Management Level 1 & Level 2
  • Microsoft Excel 2016: Automate Tasks
  • ***Microsoft Word 2016: Mail Merge
  • Quickbooks is also a good one.
  • ***Google Docs
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • Write Cover and Thank You Letters
  • ***Facebook: Create and Manage Your Business Page

(***directly related to real estate work)