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2 Day Tax Deed & Lien Field Trip (Orlando, FL)

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9:00-5:00pm Day One

  • Join us at a real tax deed sale as we watch a real auction unfold! 
  • Flip through the courthouse records
  • Examine the files of the upcoming sale
  • Learn what documents you will need to review
  • How to make sure the title will be insurable later! 
  • Hands on Classroom Education (can bring your laptop)
  • Participate in an ‘After the Sale ‘ discussion about what sold and didn’t sell[/features_box_light_green]

9:00-5:00pm Day Two

  • Learn hands-on short cuts for research from home
  • What websites to use
  • What to look for in those web pages and files (can bring laptop)
  • Apply what learned in interactive competition classmates
  • May go to another sale on this day as well


  1. Includes 2 Manual Home Study course,
  2. 7+ Hours of Audio Files and Forms
  3. Documents Pen Drive

*Depending on the auction schedule, Day 1 and Day 2 may be reversed.

Also Covered:

We’ll go over purchasing tax lien certificates online, how to make money on overages (surpluses from the sales) and adverse possession.  We’ll also review everything you wanted to know about Tax Deeds and Tax Liens… as well as the business of full time real estate investing (my good, bad and ugly learning experiences that may save you from doing the same)… and MORE.

BONUS: We will research some properties on the Lands Available Lists (over the counter purchases).

Space is limited for the courthouse trip


(407) 279-1241

If you are not truly satisfied…all I ask for is a written explanation about why you were not satisfied, so that I may improve the training and materials.

Disclaimer: Results vary depending on your ability to gain and retain key information, on your ability to make astute property decisions, and on the amount of time you spend researching and bidding on available properties. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Although it’s relatively easy, it is not going to make you rich if you’re unwilling or unable to do what’s required to see, recognize and seal the deal.


You will need to review the topics below in your course materials for the best experience.

Before the trip:

  1. Read the sections of your Home Study Course on the Lands Available for Taxes

  2. Read about Ownership and Encumbrance Report and Notification

  3. Read the sections: Things to do before, during & after the sale

  4. Review the Tax Deed Property Analysis Sheet

  5. Bring 5 copies of the Tax Deed Property Analysis Sheet and Skip Trace Sheet

  6. Bring your Home Study Manuals with you.  This will be a very important and educational trip for you so don’t miss this trip!

$2,999 Value…  Your Price $1,187 includes:

The Queen of Tax Deeds Home Study Manuals with 7+ Hours of Audio Files and CD-Rom of Documents and important links

This is a NO BRAINER

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$2,999 Value…  Your Price $1,187 includes:

The Queen of Tax Deeds Home Study Manuals with 7+ Hours of Audio Files and CD-Rom of Documents and important links


Space is Extremely Limited

(407) 279-1241