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ONE MORE TRIP Before the year ends – All ABOARD!

Announcement: I will be teaching the, “2 Day Tax Deed and Lien Field Trip.” I thought the field trip in September was going to be the last one of the year time but we are holding one more by popular demand. This one will be back in Orlando and not the Ft. Lauderdale/ Miami area. You can still register and learn from an expert on buying real estate through tax deeds and liens.
The first day is in house as I teach you how to do your research and due diligence on tax deeds and liens. The second day we all travel to an auction and get hands on experience. It’s not too late to book your seat and join the rest of us for an awesome event. Details & Sign Up Here .

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Banks are earning higher interest rates than you with your money and this is what they will never tell you about tax lien certificates

How the banks are making a killing in an investment they will never tell you about…and they are using your money to do it.

I had to make a u-turn when I saw this billboard. If you haven’t seen what the banks do with your money then offer you, take a look. This will you can bankrupt a billionaire and in a short time s/he will make that money back. It’s what you know and what you do with that knowledge that matters. This will be a real eye opener for some of you.

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School District Finds it’s Properties on the Tax Lien Certificate Sale

( I read this in the Fort Myers News-Press – a great paper and I know because I used to live in that area. Here is what the paper said:)

The Lee County school district also behind on its 2008 taxes, owing almost $40,000 on five properties it owns, according to the Lee County Tax Collector’s office. Investors have purchased tax certificates on all five properties. A tax certificate is a legal process that requires Lee schools to repay the tax, plus interest, within two years, or it could face a legal procedure resulting in a loss of those properties.

The Lee County School Board is a wholly tax-exempt government agency, meaning it pays no property taxes, called ad valorem taxes. However, the school district still is responsible for non-ad valorem taxes if independent taxing agencies, choose to levy taxes to all property owners regardless of their exemption status. Water Control says the school board is responsible for paying those non-ad valorem taxes, the school board says they are not.

Four of the delinquent properties are in Lehigh Acres. Three are vacant land; one is a school bus parking compound.
The fifth delinquent property is a vacant 13-acre site in Cape Coral.
Here is a list of those properties.

  • 2227 Trafalgar Parkway, Cape Coral: $34,368.32
  • 214 David Ave., Lehigh Acres: $2,060.39
  • No address, Lehigh Acres: $1,305.77
  • 301 Leonard Blvd., Lehigh Acres: $1,170.15
  • No address, Lehigh Acres: $524.20

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Tax Lien Cert Sale, It’s not ‘Ovah’! — Make Money from the Left Overs

Here’s a little know tip for those of you buying properties at the Tax Lien Certificate sale in Florida.

Certificates that don’t sell at the auction become the property of the County and are offered for public purchase at a time and place announced AFTER the auction ends. The unsold certificates carry an 18% interest rate per Florida Statute beginning on the date the certificate was struck off to the County.

In Florida, the Tax Certificate sales all have to end by June 1. After June 1, the counties are then forced to sell the certificates “over the counter” at 18% because they did not sell and they are now the holders of those certificates.

Just make sure you’d be happy with the certificates you buy if they worst case scenario happens and you end up owning it… Buyer Beware.

Originally published in Blog on 6/2/2009