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#1 Mistake Tax Deed / Tax Lien Investors Make

1. Give Up Too Quickly.

I’ve already told you about Christa’s $10k house. What you don’t know was that this was not the first time she bid at the auction. About a month before this purchase, Christa lost bids on about 3 properties. She also had to overcome some obstacles involving the use of her self-directed IRA to buy at the courthouse. I worked with Christa over the phone for a couple of weeks after she bought my Tax Deed Home Study course so I knew exactly what she was experiencing and I advised her on what to do. She had spent the day with me in my all day training class on Tax Deeds. “I think what really helped me was the hands on work we did in the class. Being shown what to look for in the files gave me the confidence to do it on my own”, says Christa. She also used my forms to keep track of the information she needed to collect. And when the time was right… they say “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” So when the time was right, ‘she pulled the trigger.’

Stay tuned for More Mistakes Investors Make.

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Originally published in Blog on 6/24/2009

$10,000 Tax Deed House

I was so inspired to hear the excitement over the phone as one of my Tax Deed students told me about her first Tax Deed purchase. She purchased the home yesterday for $10,000. Here is a link to some pictures of this 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house. It’s a block home in Central Florida.

More Pictures, click here: Student Deal

My student told me the only reason she was able to get the deal was because the clerk went through the bids for the sale very quickly. Instead of doing the usual, ‘going once, going twice, sold.’ The clerk said, ‘any more bids, sold’ and that was it. My student said someone tried to protest because they didn’t get there bid in, but the clerk said she is not required to do the whole, ‘going once, going twice, sold.’ Great job on that deal. $10,000 on a block house! Look at the pictures and you will see it is ready for a tenant. The kitchen cabinets are new.

Later I will tell you about another deal, a partner and I just got for $21,000. That is also a block house. That house is occupied. Stay tuned for more.