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Information I shared during a speech on Business Automation Techniques

(This is a minor list of resources, I teach an entire 4 hour class on some super shortcuts using google tools to run your operation more efficiently and for almost free.)

Hire Virtual Assistants using ODesk (formerly known as

1. Research task

2. Created a test for your VA using the record my screen tool in  Make sure the test has instructions on how to handle the task you would like them to handle.  Instruct them to only spend 15 minutes on it.  You will create a special spreadsheet for them to copy and share with you on google drive with their results of the test.

a. Osceola Tax Sale Research:

b. Seminole Tax Sale Research:

3. Must answer specific questions and past test to be considered.  The questions will be in your cover letter that you send to everyone who replies for consideration.

4. Interviews on skype, whatsapp, viber or google hangout.

Odesk videos:


Google Applications

Set up your own google account to use these google tools that have saved me a lot of time.

Google Sites

  • Used for my Operations Manual

Google Drive

• VA’s post work their and

o Orange Sale example Feb 11:

Benefits of Google Sheets

• Allow others to edit or only view, Allow 1 sheet or all to be viewed

• Keeps track of changes and allows you to revert to an earlier version

• I send that info out to my partners or associates on a private webpage.

• Set up easy

• Now accepts any kind of file – audio/video to share

Google Maps

• VA’s post – properties in auction,

• If you don’t have the city just put Orange County after address – real handy for properties that don’t display the city

Google Voice

    • Get a free phone number rings to any phone I want to, can call from number, can listen in as people leave their voicemails, avail by invitation only – send me an email for invite
    • Allows me to have an additional “work number”
    • Allows me to forward the transcribed messages to someone else on my team.
    • You have the option of turning your cell phone into a googlevoice voicemail (instead of listening to your vm you will have the added benefit of viewing them as a text and/or email)

Google Calendar

Video Tutorials:

For myself – allows you to label different calendars

My Va’s post to the calendar which I post on my website

– This allows for real time updates

Google Alerts

  • Set up on your name, business and properties

Camera Phone –takes pictures of Documents and send them to your email or assistant

 Lastpass – Access, share and secure passwords

Asana – project management

Other Applications I use one desktop and iPhone (some can be used on other phones as well)

Real estate comps – HomeValue application powered by RealQuest

Background check by – find owners


DocScanner – very valuable, converts pictures to pdf’s.

Voice Recorder – email the recordings or send them as a text. – Up load pics live as you take them or later; Can use the link of the pictures on photobucket for your ads, to give va’s work; Post album to your website – multiple uses

Post videos of walkthroughs

My Assistants post videos of properties – on Ardnasgroup account

Kirkland neighborhood shots – used for prop evaluation, marketing, MLS posting

outside of house:

prior to auction:

 Apps that make my real estate live easier – Many of these I learned from a really great real estate technology trainer, Craig Grant

  • Mapquest – multiple destinations sorted and mapped
  • GoogleApps – all google apps in one place
  • – Agent log in and invite clients
  • Homesnap – useful when driving for dollars
  • Lowes – home improvement calculator, keeps track of everything you are doing on one property
  • DocuSignInk – signing and printing documents
  • Bsafe – security while in houses
  • SMSBackup – back up text messages
  • MagicPlan – measures the house
  • Evernote – (also desktop program) organize your business notes, files, projects etc (this is one of my favorite)  I use the GTD method with it
  • Teamviewer – like logmein but free
  • MercuryPro browser – browser that tricks your browser into thinking you are on a different browser
  • Whatsapp, Viber – Other communication apps used internationally
  • Google maps in offline mode – save maps for when you will not have data or wifi signal

I’d be happy to share these apps I talked about and share videos on how to use them…

Sandra Edmond

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