5 Ways to Not Get Screwed When Investing in Real Estate

5 Ways Real Estate Investors can Avoid Getting SCREWED


  •  Are you just getting into real estate and want to make sure you do things right?
  • Maybe you are afraid of losing money or losing a deal?
  • Not sure if you’ve priced the house correctly?
  • Or do you have experience but don’t know if you will have good title?

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sandra blue sweater enhanced 1Sandra Edmond has been featured in a front page article in the Orlando Business Journal.  She is a licensed real estate agent with Matrix International Realty and has been a Full Time Real Estate Investor since 2004.   In addition to that Sandra is the immediate Past President of the Central Florida Realty Investors, one of the largest REIA’s in the country.  She specializes in buying distressed properties, tax deeds & tax liens… earning the title, ‘Queen of Tax Deeds’.  Prior to getting into real estate Sandra was a TV News Reporter and Fill-In Anchor.


Not only does Sandra teach investing to hundreds of real estate investors and agents a year but she is also a full time real estate investor… meaning she does what she preaches.   Over the years, many students and investors have come to her for advise.  Some seek her advice before they do the deal and some unfortunately seek her advise after they have gotten into trouble.  After helping a lot of people, Sandra has put together this list of “5 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Avoid Getting Screwed.”

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