Let’s Meet Once a Week?

You’re Invited!

This Wednesday, I’m taking the second group of students to the Courthouse for an Auction and review of the tax deed files.

As I sit and prepare for that day, I am fielding questions from other students and investors about the world of tax deed and tax liens. So I’m thinking wouldn’t it be great if I invited those who needed the help and training to one of my favorite spots on a weekly or biweekly basis.

This is what I am thinking. I can set a meet up spot for all of my students at my favorite ‘satellite office’ Panera Bread. I’m there often and we can set a time and date to meet biweekly, very casual, no RSVP’s needed. Come at your leisure and we can discuss your progress and speed bumps.

Would you be interested? Answer here on the blog and let me know. I’ll decide. It will cost you though; you will have to buy me a mountain dew (my drug) and /or a cookie 🙂

(One other catch- you have to be a student. That means you came to one of my classes or bought the Home Study material. I can’t help you if you are not willing to learn and take the first step) If you are too far, I can record these sessions and email you the audio.

Originally posted to Blog on 8/23/2009