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Help! Is this Procrastination or Perfection —- It’s hard to tell one from the other but both of them are equally dangerous!!! – (here’s my true story)

Over the last week I have been spending hours working on this special report/ eBook on the benefits and steps to investing in tax lien certificates. Every time I think it’s ready to be launched I find something else to put in it or revise. At this rate it will be months before I even get this special report out there.

Over that time… while I was busy pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this eBook, a few of my friends and students have called. When I tell them about this eBook I am working on they become immediately interested in the topic. So much so that I have sent a couple of them advanced copies of the eBook so I wouldn’t have to answer the many questions they have on th topic. That small glimpse into the process has done more than I ever expected, they are depleting my source of these great tax lien certificates. You see they are so enthusiastic about these investments, that they’ve had me purchase several certificates for them already! So in additions to writing the eBook/ Special Report I have been selling them the certificates or consulting with them on which are the best ones to buy.

(okay, STOP THE MADNESS – I tell myself)

That’s when I realized that sometimes we can outsmart ourselves and sometimes slow action is just as bad as no action. Here I was putting so much work into getting it PERFECT that I didn’t realize that The eBook/ special report will never be “Perfect.” I will always find a better way to say something or new information to include in that eBook. We have to learn to take action and if need be adjust our course as we go along.
This reminds me of a famous person who once said… Progress Always Involves Risk,

“You Can’t Steal Second Base and Keep Your Foot on First” — Fredrick Wilcox.

With that said…. Here Goes!

Your Ticket to Financial Security – The Tax Lien Certificate FREE eBook!

Download it and please come back to post a comment on what you think.


Originally posted to Blog on 8/23/2009