TGIF – NOT. Working on the upcoming Tax Deed Field Trip

Thanks to all of you that signed up for the upcoming Tax Deed Field Trip.

The 2 day trip has already got 16 people signed up…. I expected 10! Day 1 we talk about how to do the research, Day 2 we go to an Auction and then go through the courthouse records. It’s going to be a great event for those who attend. The last one we did was pretty good as well. That time we didn’t do a research day but listening to what you all tell me sounds like you need more help with the research. Anyway I just wanted to chat real quick, gotta go back to work.

As far as Day2 goes, I’ve split some people off into the 2nd auction which is Aug 26th. That day is filling up too! So I will be looking for another Auction to take the rest to. Any suggestions on any counties you all are interested in?

Originally published in Blog on 7/24/2009