Tax Deed Auction Turns into a Ghost Town on Halloween

Three properties were auctioned off at an undisclosed Florida tax deed auction the last day of October. Take a look at how crowded the sale was as bidders nudged each other for room…NOT. This auction was more like a ghost town ironically on Halloween. Not a one person showed up to the auction. Despite the zero attendance the clerks in charge of the sale pushed their little cart with the files out at to the steps and began the auction anyway. Afterall it’s still a a state required tax sale whether or not there are bidders present… the auction must go one. By the way, all the three properties were vacant lots. What happens if no one bids on these properties? Sometimes they go directly to the tax certificate holder or they are put on a list that anyone can buy directly from after the sale. My first tax deed came off of one of those lists… we made $30,000 off it.

Originally posted to Blog on 11/5/2012