Some of the tax deed files you look at will have a new title search/ O&E format

Be on the Lookout for Documents like these which are also Title Searches / O&E report

This is an en example of what some of the clerk’s offices are using as an Ownership and Encumbrance Report. If you don’t know what the Ownership and Encumbrance report is (aka O&E Report), it is on e of the most important documents in any tax deed file.

On our last tax deed field trip one of my students was a real self-starter and looked at the file a few days earlier on her own. Only problem she could find was the she couldn’t not find the title search submitted from the title company. That is because many of the counties are changing the format they use for the O&E report.

**********Click here for the new format. At the very bottom on the right is what tells you it is really from a title company. Can you see what that is?

Originally posted to Blog on 8/28/2009