School District Finds it’s Properties on the Tax Lien Certificate Sale

( I read this in the Fort Myers News-Press – a great paper and I know because I used to live in that area. Here is what the paper said:)

The Lee County school district also behind on its 2008 taxes, owing almost $40,000 on five properties it owns, according to the Lee County Tax Collector’s office. Investors have purchased tax certificates on all five properties. A tax certificate is a legal process that requires Lee schools to repay the tax, plus interest, within two years, or it could face a legal procedure resulting in a loss of those properties.

The Lee County School Board is a wholly tax-exempt government agency, meaning it pays no property taxes, called ad valorem taxes. However, the school district still is responsible for non-ad valorem taxes if independent taxing agencies, choose to levy taxes to all property owners regardless of their exemption status. Water Control says the school board is responsible for paying those non-ad valorem taxes, the school board says they are not.

Four of the delinquent properties are in Lehigh Acres. Three are vacant land; one is a school bus parking compound.
The fifth delinquent property is a vacant 13-acre site in Cape Coral.
Here is a list of those properties.

  • 2227 Trafalgar Parkway, Cape Coral: $34,368.32
  • 214 David Ave., Lehigh Acres: $2,060.39
  • No address, Lehigh Acres: $1,305.77
  • 301 Leonard Blvd., Lehigh Acres: $1,170.15
  • No address, Lehigh Acres: $524.20

Originally published in Blog on 7/10/2009