One of the Largest Tax Sales in the Florida Hits the Net

Duval County’s tax sale, where Jacksonville is located, announces it is going digital. Beginning in January of 2012 the sale will be online. Jacksonville is the country’s largest city land-wise because the city is the entire county. Researching that sale is usually a mammoth task because the list is often 25-30 pages long on legal size paper! Yet, still the sale brought in about two hundreds investors from all over the country to crowd a large courtroom for sometimes 8 hours or until every property is sold.

The clerk who conducts the auction usually asks the crowd if they want to break for lunch or keep going. “Keep going,” everybody yells. I was among these die hard investors for years making it to Jacksonville at 7am after driving two and half hours. At least now the clerk will not have to worry about losing her voice half way through the sale. Whether it’s online or not, the hardest part about that auction remains to be researching all those property. You can view the list of properties coming up for sale along with other research you will need for the sale at

Originally posted to Blog on 1/6/2012