OMG! Streetview Got Me!

 photo a7f35493-4ec1-407d-87cc-a06f11e3cb3f_zps6700fb94.jpg

I was just showing someone how to use Google Streetview to see pictures of a house and neighborhood as though you were on the street when I SAW MYSELF and a friend in the streetview trying to break into a house we had just bought at the auction. I always wondered if people saw the vehicles coming… now I know they just creep up on ya! How long do these pictures last? Probably until they go back around to that neighborhood to get a new picture, which could be another year. Here’s something cool. If you click on the link it will take you to the streetview picture. If you zoom into the white truck’s glass you can see the reflection of the Google car as it rode by… it’s a green and white car that says Maps on it. bc they take it from the public street and don’t use the zoom it is completely legal but they could’ve at least tap the horn and given me a heads up so my booty wouldn’t been in shot!

Originally posted to Blog on 2/9/2012