More than 200,000 Home Owners Get Bad News in California

237,166 Home Owners Behind on Taxes in One California County

CBS News in Los Angeles, California is reporting that 237,166 property owners will be receiving property tax delinquent notices for the 2008-09 tax year. Property Taxes go into default on July 1st in Los Angeles County. After July 1st, property owners will be charged a penalty of 1.5 percent per month until the taxes are paid. California is a Tax Deed state so the opportunity to invest in the tax liens on those properties does not exist however you can buy the property at the Tax Sale. After 5 years of unpaid taxes the property can be sold at a Tax Auction. Commercial Property can be sold at auction after 3 years. LA County will be selling their tax defaulted properties on August 17th and 18th. The properties that will be auctioned are only listed in a book that you must purchase. Contact us at for more information on this sale.
Originally published in Blog on 6/10/2009