House sells for $35,000 in Brevard County Tax Deed Auction

On Thursday, I went to check out the Brevard County Tax Deed sale for the first time. It was an early day, the sale started at 8:30am, but the drive out to Titusville was pretty quick coming from Orlando. A couple of students met me there. They were surpised to see that although there were about 20-25 people present for the sale, only about 5 people bid on the properties. About 10 properties were auctioned off ( it started with about 30 properties, most were redeemed). Only 4 other them sold, the other 6 had NO BIDS. Which means it goes to the Certificate holder.

One of the properties that sold was a house, we wil be posting the video of that home. It sold for $35,000. It was in a relatively nice neighborhood. I will be writing about that sale in the March Tax Deed Newsletter.

Originally Published in the Blog on 2/23/2009