5 days until our last Field Trip of this kind

Untitled5 DAYS until our last group goes on the Tax Deed Field Trip… Check out the $9,000 house the last group saw auctioned off

I just posted a video and the date of our last tax deed field trip of this kind. ***********Click here to see the video of this house that sold for just $9,000 and info on the field trip.

More than 20 people signed up for this field trip we did as a pilot for the upcoming boot camp. More than we could accommodate, so to be fair we split the second day up into 3 groups. The last group’s courthouse trip is September the 9th. We offered this trip at a very cheap price to see how it would work and everyone loved it and learned so much. It only cost $29, how much cheaper can you get for 2 days! One day is spent learning how to research from home, the second day we go out into the field and go through real files and watch a tax deed auction. Next time we offer this field it will be a 2 full days (instead of the ½ days) and the price will be much higher. You can probably add a zero to the end and multiple that number by 2 for the new price.

Thanks for those that participated in the trip and helped us make it a great experience for you. We still have room for a couple more people on the last courthouse trip on this pilot program. Sign up fast, they don’t last. (Click this link.)
Originally posted to Blog on 9/4/2009