4 Arrested in Tax Deed & Short Sale Fraud

Tax Deed Fraud Arrests

The Miami-Dade County Inspector General says the Con-artists lured victims into believing that a county employee inside the Tax Collector’s office could sell tax deeds before the public auction. The State Attorney says they collected a total of 2.5 million from investors who thought they were buying tax deeds from the county before they were scheduled to be sale. Instead Investigators say the suspects didn’t have anyone on the inside and were forging tax deeds and selling them. The 4 suspects also allegedly ran a short sale fraud scheme too.

Investigators say the suspects were forging tax deeds and selling them. Ayda Young, Yohany Garcia, Zoraida Abreu, and Johnny Bou-Nassar were arrested on Feb 22nd and charged with Racketeering, Grand Theft, Uttering Forged Instruments, and Identity Theft. In total, the criminal charges involved 15 victims that were defrauded of over $2.4 million. Officials say most of the money was spent gambling and there isn’t any money left to repay the victims. Miami-Dade Inspector General Chris Mazzella said, “Where you have the promise of great returns on low investment with no risk, than you really need to be careful.” You can read the Inspector General’s report here.

Originally posted to Blog on 3/12/2012