11 Must Haves When Looking at Property


1. Business cards
2. A Pleasant demeanor and self confidence
3. Flashlight
4. Sneakers or boots
5. Writing instruments
6. Bug/Wasp Spray
7. GPS
8. Contract – Purchase Agreement, Option Agreement
9. Tools
10. Friend (especially if the property maybe vacant)
11. Digital Camera or Camera Phone

A pleasant demeanor goes a long way along with the ability to communicate with a home owner as well as a tenant or vagrant and neighbors. I find this and self-confidence to be one of the best tools to getting the information you need or the outcome you desire.

Your self-confidence goes a long way. If you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else. People can sense your lack of self-confidence about as well as a dog can sense fear. On that note if you find yourself in fear, its ok, just DON’T SHOW IT. I won’t go into detail here in the newsletter about the techniques but I will warn you that it is not as easy as you think. It’s important that you think ahead about why you are going out to the property and it’s also important that you imagine and prepare for every scenario that can happen. There are a variety of techniques investors implement when using some of the items I’ve listed above, some techniques may not be as obvious as you might think.

Originally posted to Blog on 1/6/2012